Effect of N, P & K on Fruiting, Yield and Fruit Quality in Guava cv. Pant Prabhat


  • Pankaj Kumar Author
  • J P Tiwari Author
  • Raj Kumar Author




Guava, Fertilization, NPK, ‘Pant Prabhat’


Response of various combinations of NPK on fruiting, yield and fruit quality were studied in guava cv. Pant Prabhat in a field experiment, over two years. Treatments comprised of three different levels of nitrogen (0, 75 and 150g/plant/year), phosphorus (0, 50 and 100g P2O5/plant/year) and potassium (0, 75 and 150g K2O/plant/ year) in all the possible 27 combinations. Treatments with higher nitrogen level attained maximum yield and fruiting compared to treatments with lower nitrogen levels, in combination with phosphorus and potassium. Maximum yield of 69.64, 60.72 kg/plant and 22.66, 26.35 kg/plant, and, fruit set of 73.23%, 75.07%, 34.73% and 35.65% were recorded with 150g N, 50g P2O5 and 75g K2O/plant/year in the rainy and winter seasons in both years, respectively, while treatment combinations with high potassium level recorded higher ascorbic acid and sugar content in the fruit.


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Kumar, P., Tiwari, J. P., & Kumar, R. (2008). Effect of N, P & K on Fruiting, Yield and Fruit Quality in Guava cv. Pant Prabhat. Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 3(1), 43-47. https://doi.org/10.24154/jhs.v3i1.594

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