Inheritance studies on different quantitative and qualitative fruit traits in brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)


  • Ramandeep Kaur Sidhu Research Assistant Author
  • Mohinder Kaur Sidhu Vegetable Breeder Author
  • Ajmer Singh Dhatt Additional Director of Research (Horticulture and Food Science) Author



Brinjal, inheritance, fruit colour, additive effect, dominance, epistasis


Generation mean analysis of brinjal lines, GL 401 × BR 104 (CROSS I), GL 401 × W 230 (CROSS II) and W 230 × RMO 1142 (CROSS III) six generation of three crosses viz. highlighted the involvement of epistatic interactions (duplicate) for most of the qualitative traits. However, the number of fruits per plant in CROSS I & III and fruit girth, calyx length, and yield per plant in CROSS II confirmed the occurrence of complementary epistasis. Mainly, additive effect for fruit girth, non-additive effect for calyx length, calyx width, peduncle girth, fruit weight, and fruit length, and both types for peduncle length, number of fruits /cluster, number of fruits/ plant, and yield/ plant were experienced. Additive × dominance or dominance × dominance type of interactions were more prevalent than additive × additive type of interactions for different traits. Cluster bearing was monogenic dominant and green color of calyx as well as peduncle was dominant over purple with the duplicate type of epistasis. Fruit shape was dgenic with incomplete dominance. Fruit color displayed digenic control in CROSS I & II and tri-genic ratio in CROSS III with incomplete dominance of purple and green pigmentations producing variable color intensity in homozygous or heterozygous conditions.


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Sidhu, R. K., Sidhu, M. K. ., & Dhatt, A. S. . (2022). Inheritance studies on different quantitative and qualitative fruit traits in brinjal (Solanum melongena L.). Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 17(2), 298-306.

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