Varate Giduga (Acc. No. 21067; IC No. 418238) : A unique mango (Mangifera indica L.) variety


  • Dinesh M R Author
  • Sankaran M Author
  • Ravishankar K V Author
  • Sunil Gowda Author



Varate Giduga is one of the unique variety from Sirsi region of Karnataka. The tree is Semi-circular shaped with dense foliage, leaves about 25cm long; dark green in colour with wavy margin. It is a very consistent and heavy producer. The fruit of this tree matures by mid-April and fruit has a distinctive yellow skin color on fruit exposed to the sun. The fruit shape is round, fruit weight ranged from 350-400 g, fruit length was 9.8 cm, fruit diameter was 9.2 cm, fruit thickness was 8.0cm and bisexual flowers were 16.53%. Biochemical constituents such as the total phenols (317.50 mg/100 g), flavonoids (5.79 mg/100g), carotenoids (1.46 mg/100 g) and acidity (0.19%) were recorded which suggests that these characters are unique as compared to other varieties. The fruit skin is rough and glossy in appearance and the fruit has little or no fiber. It is very delicious in taste with high pulp percentage (74.0%) and high TSS (23.4º B). The flesh color is orange. The fruits have deep orange firm pulp and very sweet with pleasant flavor. Besides,several other traits have drawn special attention to this mango variety as it has large sized fruits (Fig-1), late variety with very good taste, fruit can be cut into two halves by retaining the stone in one half, regular bearer and fruit fly resistant genotype because of its thick peel and high phenolic content in pulp (317.50 mg/100 g).


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