Genetic Diversity in Early Cauliflower (Brassica oleracea Var. botrytis L.) Germplasm

  • H M Santhosha
  • B Varalakshmi
  • N C Narase Gowda
Keywords: Cauliflower, Genetic Diversity, Hybridization


An experiment was conducted to study genetic divergence in 51 genotypes of cauliflower. Data was recorded for 16 quantitative characters. The genotypes were grouped into 14 clusters. A majority of the genotypes grouped together in Cluster 14 (with 14 genotypes), followed by Cluster 12 (with 8 genotypes). Intra-cluster value was maximum in Cluster 8 and minimum in Cluster 2. Maximum inter-cluster distance was observed between Clusters 8 and 10, followed by that between Clusters 10 and 13 and between Clusters 8 and 12. Hence, genotypes IIHR-323-13, IIHR-214- 5 and IIHR-277-14 of Cluster 8, and genotypes IIHR-263 and IIHR-272 of cluster 10 present the best choice for hybridization. Highest mean value for plant weight, leaf number, curd diameter, curd size, net curd-weight , net plot yield, yield per hectare and marketable curd-weight was also observed in Cluster 10, which indicates that genotypes included in this cluster are potential parents for hybridization programmes aimed at increasing cauliflower yields.

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