Genetic Correlation and Cluster Analysis in Sapota (Manilkara zapota)


  • A Rekha Author
  • M R Dinesh Author
  • R Venugopalan Author
  • B N S Murthy Author



Sapota, Fruit Parameters, Variability, Correlation, Clusters


Sapota is classified into two main types based on fruit shape as 'round' and 'oval'. However, there are several intermediates, as, it is a heterozygous tree crop. In this study, an effort was made to group available variability in sapota based on fruit characters and to analyze it. This helps in selection of parents for use in further breeding programmes. Cluster analysis revealed four definite clusters. High variability was observed for fresh-fruit weight, fruit length, fruit girth, fruit weight at ripening, pulp weight, peel weight, number of seeds and TSS. Correlation studies among fruit parameters indicated positive relationship between all the parameters studied, except TSS which had negative relationship with the rest of the fruit parameters. Selection of distantly placed cultivars in breeding programs stands to result in better progeny for further evaluation.


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Rekha, A., Dinesh, M. R., Venugopalan, R., & Murthy, B. N. S. (2011). Genetic Correlation and Cluster Analysis in Sapota (Manilkara zapota). Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 6(2), 101-104.

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