Evaluation of Cut-Foliage Plants for Eastern Ghats


  • I Suryapriya Author
  • R Arulmozhiyan Author
  • A Sankari Author
  • M Anand Author




Foliage Plants, Arrangements, Liner, Background Material


A maiden attempt was made at Horticultural Research Station (HRS), a constituent research unit of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, located at Yercaud, Salem District, Tamil Nadu, India during 2012-2013 to assess the suitability of various ornamental foliage plant species under Shevroys /Eastern Ghats conditions. Considerable variation was found in quantitative and qualitative parameters among the foliage species. The study recommends Nephrolepis cordifolia and Asparagus sprengeri as suitable liners, while, large-leaved species like Cordyline fruticosa and Philodendron xanadu as background materials in larger arrangements, and the smaller-leaved Dracaena reflexa var. angustifolia for smaller arrangements.


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