Performance of Orchid Species in Shevaroy Hills of Eastern Ghats


  • M Anand Author
  • A Sankari Author
  • R Arulmozhiyan Author



Orchid Species, Characterization, Shevaroy Hills, Eastern Ghats


Performance of 24 orchid species was assessed in the net-house of Horticultural Research Station, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Yercaud. Among the species studied, plant height was significantly high (105cm) in Spathoglotts plicata. At the end of the vegetative stage, number of leaves was maximum (30) in Aerides. Leaf was longest (49.8cm) and widest (17.6cm) in Rhyncostylis retusaPaphiopedilum insigne produced largest flower size (14.4cm across). Pedicel length was highest in Phaius tankervillae (10.3cm) and Renanthera inshootiana (7.1cm). Aerides multiflorum recorded lowest pedicel length (1.24cm). Epidendrum radicans and Spathoglottis plicata produced flowers round the year. Lucia virides recorded maximum life (29 days) on plant, followed by Arachnanthe clarkei (18 days), Dendrobium densiflorum (18 days) and Oncidium flexosum (16 days), while, minimum (6 days) was observed in two orchid species, Aerides crispum and Cattleya sp. Maximum (23 days) vase life was recorded in Lucia virides. Results of the investigation thus reveal that among the 24 orchid species studied, Epidendrum radicansLucia virides and Paphiopediluminsigne performed better in terms of vegetative and floral characters under Shevaroy hill condition.


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Anand, M., Sankari, A., & Arulmozhiyan, R. (2013). Performance of Orchid Species in Shevaroy Hills of Eastern Ghats. Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 8(2), 210-213.

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