Effect of post harvest ripening on bioactive secondary metabolites and antioxidant activity in mango cv. Amrapali


  • B M Muralidhara Author
  • G L Veena Author
  • S Rajan Author
  • A K Bhattacherjee Author
  • Pavan Kumar Malav Author




Antioxidant activity,, bioactive phytonutrients, mango,, ripening,, total carotenoids


Mango possesses many bioactive phytonutrients at ripe stage which boost our immune system
against many diseases. Post harvest ripening plays a major role in changes in those bioactive
phytochemicals and their antioxidant activity. Hence, the present study was undertaken to
assess the changes in bioactive phytonutrients and total antioxidant activity during ripening
of mango cv. Amrapali. The fruits were analyzed for total antioxidants, total phenols, total
flavonoids and total carotenoids from the day of harvest to its deterioration. Fruit peel and
pulp color was measured with SPH850 spectrophotometer on the basis of the CIE LAB color
system (L*, a* and b*). The results revealed that total phenols (36.11 to 66.53mg GAE 100g-1),
total flavonoids (14.33 to 34.67mg QE 100g-1), total carotenoids (2.23 to 11.47mg 100g-1) and
total antioxidant (0.37 to 0.76 mmol Trolox 100g-1) activity increased gradually from day one to
ninth day after harvest and decreased slightly thereafter up to eleventh day of harvest except
total carotenoids, which remained constant. Strong correlations between total phenols (0.94),
total flavonoids (0.86) and total carotenoids (0.97) with total antioxidant activity were noticed.
Positive relationship between total carotenoids and L*, a*, b* values in mango peel and pulp
during ripening was also observed. It can be concluded that ripening affected the composition
of bioactive phytonutrients and their antioxidant activity in mango andmaximum nutraceuticals
contents were noticed from seven to nine days after harvest.


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Muralidhara, B. M., Veena, G. L., Rajan, S., Bhattacherjee, A. K., & Malav, P. K. (2018). Effect of post harvest ripening on bioactive secondary metabolites and antioxidant activity in mango cv. Amrapali. Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 13(2), 152-158. https://doi.org/10.24154/jhs.v13i2.476

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