Research diversity in horticulture

  • Vageeshbabu S Hanur ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research


‘WE’, in the Editorial Board of this JOURNAL, are continuously striving hard to raise the standards bar, by putting ‘YOU’, the readers, as our cynosure. To achieve this, we are constantly upbringing in measures and means; as somebody says ”one step forward at a time”. Content and quality remain the prime moving force. Considering this, THIS ISSUE indeed addresses a wide and diverse of subjects in the field of horticultural sciences. Articles on vegetable crops (5), fruits (4), flower crops (1), medicinal and aromatic crops (1), economic analysis (1) and techno-engineering (1), appear IN THIS ISSUE. These articles discuss topics in breeding and crop improvement (2), agronomy (or can we coin ’hortonomy’?) (3), engineering (3), nutrient management (2), post-harvest technology (1), economics (1) and biochemistry (1). THIS ISSUE, therefore, truly imbues a sense of gratification in its wider coverage and diversity.


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