Morphological, physiochemical and colour characteristics of fresh and cured starch in potato varieties


  • Neeraj CCS Haryana Agricultural University Author
  • Saleem Siddiqui Author
  • Nidhi Dalal Author
  • Bindu Author
  • Anuradha Srivastva Author



Curing, starch purity, starch whiteness, tuber


The present study was conducted to study the morphological, physicochemical and colour characteristics of potato starch extracted by control and combined methods from potato varieties viz., Kufri Chipsona-4, Badshah, Pushkar, Bahar and Sindhuri (fresh and cured). Among these varieties, Kufri Chipsona-4 exhibited maximum percent of small size (< 30 μm) particles (48%). Kufri Sindhuri showed highest starch purity (87.1%) but lowest whiteness (92.2%) whereas, highest whiteness (95.4%) was recorded in starch extracted from Kufri Badshah. Among starch extraction methods, combined method showed significantly lower starch moisture content (11.8%), fat (0.28%), protein (0.31%), ash (0.28%) and crude fibre (0.15%) whereas; starch purity (87.2%), percentage of small size particles (45%) and starch whiteness (96.3%) were observed higher than control methods in all varieties.


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Neeraj, Siddiqui, S. ., Dalal, N., Bindu, & Srivastva, A. . (2022). Morphological, physiochemical and colour characteristics of fresh and cured starch in potato varieties. Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 17(1), 227-236.

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