Evaluation of Dolichos (Lablab purpureus L.) Germplasm for Pod Yield and Pod Related Traits


  • N Mohan Author
  • T S Aghora Author
  • Devaraju . Author




Dolichos, Germplasm, Variability


Fifty seven pole type vegetable dolichos bean (Lablab purpureus var. typicus) germplasm lines collected from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Pondicherry were evaluated in a replicated experiment at Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore, for pod yield and pod -related traits during 2006-08. Significant differences were recorded for all traits studied. IIHR 177 was the earliest to flower in 43 days and pods matured in 65 days. IIHR 6 recorded maximum pod length (16.5 cm) , and, ten-pod weight was maximum in IIHR 7 (122 g). Pod width was high in IIHR 11 (4.05 cm). Number of pods per plant ranged from 10 to 91, with the maximum in IIHR 159. Maximum pod-yield was recorded in IIHR 150 and IIHR 159 (576.0 g/plant). Six different pod-colors (green, light green, purple, purple green, pink and creamy- white) were recorded. Maximum number of lines (52.63%) had green pod. The present study indicates existence of a wide range of variability for pod characters, namely, pod-maturity, pod -length, tenpod weight, number of pods per plant and pod- colour. High yielding lines with different pod types can serve as potentially useful parents in further breeding.


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Mohan, N., Aghora, T. S., & ., D. (2009). Evaluation of Dolichos (Lablab purpureus L.) Germplasm for Pod Yield and Pod Related Traits. Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 4(1), 50-53. https://doi.org/10.24154/jhs.v4i1.556

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