Development of IPM Package with Safe Pesticide Residue: 1. Cabbage

  • Debi Sharma
  • A Krishnamoorthy
  • P N Krishna Moorthy
  • Girija Ganesan
  • A K Ahuja
  • M D Awasthi
Keywords: Cabbage, Biological Control, IPM, Pesticide Residues


An IPM module with safe pesticide residues on cabbage, with already proven treatments such as carbosulfan, dimethoate, cypermethrin + profenofos and mancozeb under chemical method of control; NSP, Bacillus thuringiensis and Trichogramma bactrae under non chemical method of control were revalidated individually and in combination. Six releases of parasitoid T. bactrae at weekly intervals starting from 12 days after transplanting or spray of NSP 4% at 10-15 days interval, 4 times, starting from 20 days after transplanting, foliar spray of dimethoate and mancozeb gave good control of aphids, leaf blight and black rot respectively. Based on the effectiveness of the treatment and pesticide residues below their permissible levels in cabbage at harvest, a module was developed and tested in the field. The IPM package thus developed was found to control the pests effectively and at the same time the residues on the crop were within the safe limits.

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