Record of Thrips on Mango

  • A Krishnamoorthy
  • P N Ganga Visalakshi
Keywords: Mango, Thrips


During a trial in 2009 at Moorapoor Village, Dharmapuri district, Tamil Nadu, for control of mango hoppers and thrips using entomo-pathogens, inflorescences were seen to harbour different species of thrips. Close microscopic observation revealed presence of Frankliniella schultzei (Tryb.), Thrips palmi Karny, T. hawaiiensis (Morgan) and T. subnudula. However, Thrips palmi was the predominant species whereas, for the first time Frankliniella schultzai and Thrips subnudula (Karny, 1927) are reported here on inflorescence of mango in India.


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