Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Corm Production in Gladiolus

  • V Baskaran
  • R L Misra
  • K Abirami
Keywords: Plant Growth Regulators, Corm, Gladiolus


Experiments (spraying and dipping) were carried out to study the effect of different plant growth regulators with two methods of application on gladiolus cv. Pusa Jyotsna for various parameters of corm production. Spraying TIBA at 500 ppm produced maximum number of corms. Maximum number of cormels was produced by dipping corms in kinetin at 500 ppm concentration. Corm weight was maximum by dipping with 200 ppm of GA3. Spraying GA3 at 500 ppm resulted in maximum weight of cormels per plant and maximum diameter of corms. Dipping in 500 ppm of GA3 produced maximum volume of corms. Propagation co-efficient was maximum in BA at 100 ppm as spray treatment, whereas it was minimum in the case of TIBA at 1500 ppm. This may be due to growth retardation.

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Baskaran, V., Misra, R. L., & Abirami, K. (2009). Effect of Plant Growth Regulators on Corm Production in Gladiolus. Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 4(1), 78-80. Retrieved from https://jhs.iihr.res.in/index.php/jhs/article/view/563
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