Acclimatization and Field Evaluation of Micropropagated Plants of Chrysanthemum Cv.'Arka Swarna'

  • Bindu Panicker
  • Pious Thomas
  • T Janakiram
Keywords: Acclimatization, Chrysanthemum, Dendranthema grandiflora, Hardening, Micropropagation


Chrysanthemum cv.'Arka Swarna' was micropropagated using shoot-tip and nodal microcuttings on MS medium containing 3% sucrose and 0.25% Phytagel® in the absence of externally supplied plant growth regulators, yielding 90-100% rooted plantlets, or in medium containing 1 μM benzyladenine or kinetin yielding 20-32% plantlets within 2-4 weeks of subculture. The stocks were acclimatized employing sachet technique wherein the rooted plantlets (2.5-4 cm) were planted in polythene bags of 5"×9" filled to one-third height with planting mixture. The closed bags with 1-5 plants were incubated under conditions similar to the in vitro stocks. The plantlets recorded 90-100% establishment within 4 weeks. The ex vitro established plants were evaluated in the field a month later by direct planting , or after one month in a field nursery-bed, along with conventional suckers. While field establishment (80-95%) was not significantly influenced by the treatments, micropropagated plants put through the nursery appeared to be the best among the three treatments in vegetative growth, floral characteristics and flower yield, demonstrating advantage of micropropagation over conventional propagation for shy-suckering chrysanthemums.
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