Nutraceutical Horticulture : An overview of biochemical and molecular considerations


  • G N MohanKumar Washington State University Author



Cellular components, Transcription factors, Tumor Necrosis Factor, Molecular pathways, phytochemicals, Nutraceutical


The major components of our diet, namely, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals provide for the building blocks besides serving as metabolic fuel to fulfil the bioenergetic needs. Since they serve the basic cellular needs, they are considered as ‘primary metabolites’. The molecular and biochemical pathways modulated by the major food components of our diet are well-established. Many phytochemicals referred to as ‘secondary metabolites’ and not considered as an ‘essential part’ of our diet, also find their way into the digestive tract along with the major food components. Interest in the role played by the ‘non-essential’ or ‘minor’ components of our diet in preventing the initiation or progression of metabolic disorders has gained momentum. The metabolic disorders, by and large, are non-pathogenic in nature and originate as a consequence of derailed cellular metabolism.


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