Evaluation of Hybrids and Cultivars of Single type Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa)


  • Jadhav S B Author
  • Vichare S V Author
  • Katwate S M Author




Bulb, Flower, Growth, Hybrid and Single type tuberose


Hybrids and cultivars of single type tuberose was evaluated to fulfill the need to develop new hybrids as demanded by commercial growers. Evaluation of fifteen genotypes showed significant variation in growth, floral and bulb characters. Cultivar Arka Prajwal was significantly superior over all genotypes, which recorded least number of days for opening of 1st floret (78.55 days) with maximum diameter of spike (1.18 cm), length of floret (6.05 cm), weight of individual floret (3.12 g) and weight of spike (121.43 g).The hybrid genotype L1P4 (Variegated X Phule Rajani) was observed to be superior in terms of rachis length (39.78 cm), inter-nodal length (7.25 cm), length of bulb (8.09 cm), diameter of bulb (3.76 cm) and diameter of bulb-lets (1.85 cm). Among the hybrid genotypes L1P4 also recorded maximum plant height (116.39 cm), spike length (109.58 cm), weight of cut spike (105.08 g) and vase life (11.00 days). However, it was foundto be at par for number of florets per spike (57.25), length of floret (5.92 cm) and number of spikes per clump (10.14) with all other cultivars and hybrids tested. From the overall performance, it was found that the cultivar Arka Prajwal was the best. Genotype L1P4 found promising for loose as well as cut flower production because of its number of florets, inter-nodal length and spikes per clump which are important characters considering loose flower for taking maximum number of pickings. However, characters such as rachis length, spike length, vase life and weight of spike which are imperative for cut flowers are also noted superior in genotype L1P4.


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S B, J., S V, V. ., & S M, K. (2020). Evaluation of Hybrids and Cultivars of Single type Tuberose (Polianthes tuberosa). Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 15(1), 67-71. https://doi.org/10.24154/jhs.v15i1.785

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