Diversity and Distribution of Curry Leaf in India

  • Raghu B R
Keywords: Curry leaves, Distribution, Diversity, Germplasm, Morphotypes


Curry leaf is an aromatic tropical and sub-tropical plant originated from India. Besides its culinary purpose, curry leaf is known for its medicinal and industrial applications. Based on ethno-botanical reports and other floral distribution studies, the germplasm rich regions of curry leaf in India could be identified into six zones as Foot hills of Himalaya, North-East region, Middle India, Eastern Ghats, Western Ghats and Andaman – Nicobar Islands. With respect to color and size of leaves, habitat and flavor, the curry leaf plant is classified as brown/ gamthi, regular and dwarf morphotypes. Four genetically diverse chemotypes of curry leaves such as -pinene, -pinene, -carophyllene and -phellandrene exist in India. Due to its nutritional value, increasing export potential, less input, lower cost of cultivation, assured income, perennial nature and constant demand in local, national and international markets, the curry leaf is being cultivated on commercial scale in recent years in India.

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