Manipulation of shade and plant density for enhanced production of cut-foliage in Ruscus hypophyllum L.


  • Ranjit Singh Author
  • Parminder Singh Author
  • Jaswinder Kaur Author



Shade level, cut foliage, planting density, Ruscus hypophyllum


Cut foliage are deep green with long lasting and evergreen properties which are commonly preferred by the floral industry as accents in floral arrangements. Ruscus hypophyllum L. is one of the commercially produced cut foliage material for making good line, filler and mass material in making floral arrangements. It requires shade for growth. Experiments were conducted with the objectives to find out optimum shade levels and planting density. The rhizomes were planted in factonal randomized block design under three shade levels ( 0, 50% and 75%) and three plant spacing (30x30 cm, 30x40 cm, 30x50cm) with planting density of 18, 15, and 12 plants per m2, respectively. It was observed that different shade levels and plant spacings exhibited significant effect on plant height, stem diameter, number of leaves, leaf size and number of stems harvested per plant. The plants were recorded tallest under 75 % shade levels and 30x30 cm plant spacing (61.30cm and 54.48 cm, respectively). The number of leaves produced per plant were maximum (69.99) under 75% shade, however, number of leaves per plant were maximum under 30x30cm spacing. Among various shade levels, 75% shade level resulted in maximum number of cut stems (16.28) that was at par with 50% shade level (16.08). However, the cut stems harvested per plant were recorded maximum (16.67) under 30x30cm spacing. From the results obtained, it was concluded that Ruscus hypophyllum grown under 75% shade level with 30x30 cm spacing and planting density of 18 plants per m2, produced maximum yield of cut stems with longer stem length.


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Singh, R., Singh, P., & Kaur, J. (2017). Manipulation of shade and plant density for enhanced production of cut-foliage in Ruscus hypophyllum L. Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 12(1), 78-81.

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