Long Term Seed Storage Studies in Muskmelon (Cucumis melo L.)

  • S D Doijode
Keywords: Muskmelon, Seeds, Storage, Low Temperature, Viability, Vigour, Germination


Muskmelon cv Arka Jeet seeds were conserved in moisture permeable, semi permeable and impermeable containers at low (5°C) and sub-zero (-20°C) temperatures for 15 years. Seed deterioration in terms of loss of viability and vigour were minimal in low temperature stored seeds. The recovery of viable seed was 86% in -20°C stored seeds after 15 years of storage. Seedlings raised from stored seeds were vigorous, healthy and free from morphological abnormalities. Storage of muskmelon seeds at sub-zero temperature (-20°C) provides effective protection to genetic and planting material.

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