Effect of Different Levels of N and P on Ratoon Crop of Banana cv. Grand Naine


  • Tejinder Kaur Author
  • M I S Gill Author
  • H S Dhaliwal Author




Banana, Ratoon Crop, Nutrition, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Fertilization, Punjab


An investigation was carried out to study the effect of various levels of N and P on growth and yield of banana cv. Grand Naine in first ratoon crop at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana. The treatments consisted of six levels of nitrogen at 150, 200 (in 4 and 5 splits), 250 (in 4 and 5 splits) and 300 g (in 5 splits) per plant as urea, phosphorus at 60 and 90 g per plant as single super phosphate. Application of N and P at the rate of 200 g N in 5 splits + 60 g P2O5 per plant to ratoon crop of banana cv. Grand Naine proved to be the best among all treatment combinations. This also resulted in maximum plant growth, early shooting and fruit maturity. In addition, the fruit yield per plant (18.9 kg) was maximum with the above mentioned treatment. Finger length increased with increase in dose of N from 150 g to 200 g per plant.


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Kaur, T., Gill, M. I. S., & Dhaliwal, H. S. (2009). Effect of Different Levels of N and P on Ratoon Crop of Banana cv. Grand Naine. Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 4(1), 68-70. https://doi.org/10.24154/jhs.v4i1.560

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