Morphological characterization of standard chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.)


  • K Abhishek Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana - 141004, Punjab, India Author
  • Madhu Bala Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana - 141004, Punjab, India Author



Chrysanthemum, evaluation, floral characters, vase life


Ten diverse chrysanthemum varieties were evaluated for their suitability as cut flower, flower arrangement and pot plant. The maximum plant height at bud appearance (71.82 cm) and at anthesis (77.23 cm) was recorded in Snow Ball, while, it was recorded minimum at bud appearance (44.08 cm) and flower opening stage (48.10 cm) in Purnima. The longest duration of flowering (33.73 days) was recorded in Thai Chen Queen, whereas, the least flowering duration (23.63 days) was recorded in Swan Dance. The variety Pusa Centenary exhibited the longest vase life (22.00 days), however, the least vase life (16.00 days) was recorded in Valliant. Depending upon the compactness, medium size and vase life, Thai Chen Queen, Purnima, Pusa Centenary, Otam Blaze and Denise Oatridge were found suitable for pot culture, cut flower and flower arrangements, whereas, the varieties with big flower such as Snow Ball, Kikobiory, Sonar Bangla, Valliant and Swan Dance were identified for pot culture and exhibition purpose.


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Abhishek, K., & Bala, M. (2023). Morphological characterization of standard chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat.). Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 18(1), 240-243.

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