Influence of Exogenous Glycinebetaine on Hot Pepper under Water Stress


  • R M Bhatt Author
  • N K Srinivasa Rao Author
  • A. D. D. V. S. Nageswara Rao Author



Glycinebetaine, Hot Pepper, Photosynthesis, Stomatal Conductance


A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of exogenous application of glycinebetaine (GB) on physiological response in hot-pepper (Capsicum annuum L. vs. Arka Lohit and Pusa Jwala) under water stress. Glycinebetaine was applied to seeds as well as plants through foliar applications. Water stress affected considerably the morphophysiological parameters in both the cultivars. However, in glycinebetaine (GB) treated plants, plant height, leaf area (LA), flower and fruit number and total dry matter (TDM) were greater compared to the untreated stress plants (T4) under water stress. Glycinebetaine application enhanced the photosynthesis (PN) in water deficit experiencing plants, mostly due to a greater stomatal conductance (gs) and carboxylation efficiency of CO2 assimilation. In both the cultivars after 12 day of stress, the PN decreased from 10.1 to 1.0-1.3 μ mol m-2 s-1 in untreated stressed plants (T4), while in the treated stressed plants PNhad reduced to 2.0 - 3.0 μ mol m-2 s-1 (T1 - T3). The application of GB increased the WUE in both the cultivars. The better WUE in treated plants of hot-pepper under stress was attributed to the improved PN. The higher per plant yield in the GB applied plants under stress in both the cultivars associated with higher PNrate, gs and WUE in treated plants. Though there was an increase in PN rate, WUE and plant yield in the treated plants (T1 - T3), the better results were found in the plants (T2) where seeds were treated and foliar application was given at the time of imposing stress.


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Bhatt, R. M., Rao, N. K. S., & Rao, A. D. D. V. S. N. (2014). Influence of Exogenous Glycinebetaine on Hot Pepper under Water Stress. Journal of Horticultural Sciences, 9(2), 153-156.

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